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Measurement and Monitoring

We firmly believe in the saying What gets measured gets managed’.

Most of the local authorities recommend to monitor the indoor air pollutants for 8 hours or 24 hours to get an average value.

Magenta deploys single IAQ device to monitor all 9 major indoor pollutants i.e. CO2, CH2O, VOC, PM, PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10, Humidity and Temperature that affect human health. Monitoring is done in real time using GSM technology with web based portal services and mobile app to make informed decisions. Authorised users can globally and remotely access the data in real time, receive alerts vial emails and SMS’s.


Based on the data collected by measurement and monitoring IAQ, solutions are implemented based on the concentration of the pollutants when compared with international standards, and Local Authorties guidelines.

There is no one solution for improving the poor or deteriorating of indoor air quality. Solution for high concentration of Particulate Matter (PM) will be different from that of higher values of Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

Advisory Services

Magenta FZCO has formed a strategic partnership with specialist and experts to offer Consultancy and Advisory services for our clients in the Middle East and Gulf region.

We align our professional services with the different goals and objectives of an organisation.