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Stay Healthy - Breathe Clean Indoor Air

Since 1993

Contributing clean air is everyone’s responsibility - Steve Owens

Why Magenta advocates indoor air quality management as a management discipline? 

Providing good indoor air quality within our  facilities is a Global imperative for which we all have a responsibility to our future generations.

Faced with rising health issues at residences, offices, hotels and many indoor public facilities  due to poor indoor air quality arising from unprofessional maintenance of HVAC system, lack of air ventilation  and many other reasons, Magenta helps facility in-charge to focus indoor air quality problem that probably may be last on his priority.

We firmly believe in the saying 'What gets measured gets managed' and  by focusing exclusively on Indoor Air Quality Monitoring and its Management as a discipline we are able to support our clients make informed decisions about their indoor environment helping them in higher productivity by staying healthy – breathing clean air.

Magenta provides real-time, web-based monitoring for Indoor Air Quality parameters and its analytics - an energy internet to which every device in your building will be eventually connected.

Our goal is to deliver and provide a clean air and healthy indoor environment...                                 Read more